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OFSSBF takes the issue of data protection very seriously and is committed to safeguarding the personal information that it holds, and to providing a compliant and consistent approach to data protection.


What personal data OFSSBF holds

OFSSBF holds or may hold personal information about:

  • flute players who apply to the OFSSBF for a bursary;

  • family members whose information is included on an application form;

  • applicants’ flute teachers and other referees;

  • individuals who contribute to OFSSBF;

  • contact persons at organisations / bodies that contribute to OFSSBF; and

  • OFSSBF Trustees and advisers.


This information consists of:

  • individuals’ names and contact information (addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses);

  • information and recordings provided by flute players as part of an application to OFSSBF for a bursary;

  • financial and other personal information about applicants and their family members;

  • details of the on-going studies and careers of applicants who are awarded a bursary, and details of their bursary; and

  • details of contributions made by individual donors to OFSSBF.


If you visit our website, personal information also includes any data gathered by the use of cookies on our website, including technical information about your IP address and browser version, as well as the web pages viewed during your visit. Our website uses two cookies: one uniquely but anonymously identifies a visitor to the site; the other records whether their browser supports Java Script.



How we use personal information

We use personal information about applicants and their family members to consider their applications for a bursary.


We use personal information about applicants’ flute teachers and other referees to contact them for a reference.


We use information about the studies and careers of bursary recipients to monitor the effectiveness of the bursary programme.


We use personal information about individual donors and contact persons at donor organisations / bodies to contact them regarding contributions they have made or may make to OFSSBF and to give them anonymous feedback on the studies / careers of successful applicants.


The legal basis on which we hold and process personal data

As part of their application, an applicant consents to OFSSBF processing their data and confirms that they have obtained the consent of any family members whose data is included in their application. A parent or guardian is also required to consent to applications made by children under the age of 18.


OFSSBF has a legitimate interest in contacting an applicant’s flute teacher or other referee for a reference, and does so in a way that does not materially impact those individuals’ rights or interests.


OFSSBF has a legitimate interest in following the careers of successful applicants, provided that it does so in a way that does not impact their rights or interests. OFSSBF will therefore not disclose career information that identifies that an individual was awarded a bursary, unless it has the individual’s consent.


OFSSBF has a legitimate interest in using contact information to contact individuals or institutions that are known to make charitable donations or can reasonably be expected to do so. OFSSBF has a legitimate interest in holding and using contact information for donors or potential donors who contact OFSSBF.


OFSSBF has a legitimate interest in using cookies on its website to monitor use of the website. Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit or


How we protect personal data

OFSSBF appreciates the sensitivity of the personal data it holds and takes appropriate steps to keep it secure and protect it from unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. Personal data is kept on a password-protected electronic system or locked in a secure building.


How long do we keep data?

OFSSBF only keeps personal data included in or relating to a bursary application until after the Summer School to which the application relates. Each year, as soon as the Awards Committee has reached a decision on the applications for that year, the committee members destroy the copies of the applications they hold, with the exception of two copies that are held centrally until after the Summer School. Those central copies are then destroyed within three months after the end of the Summer School.


However, OFSSBF keeps contact details for successful applicants, as well as details of their bursary award and on-going studies and careers, throughout their musical careers.


OFSSBF only keeps contact information for institutional / individual donors for so long as is necessary in relation to any donations or potential donations from those donors. OFSSBF retains details of the financial contributions made by individual donors, unless or until the donor requests otherwise.


Sharing personal data

OFSSBF will contact each applicant’s flute teacher and / or other referees to request a reference, but will not share any details of the application with the referee. Full details of an applicant’s application to OFSSBF, together with their reference(s), are shared with all members of the Awards Committee, which comprises the OFSSBF Trustees and the Directors of the Oxford Flute Summer School.


Contact details for successful applicants are shared with the Directors of the Oxford Flute Summer School.


The IT consultant who supports the OFSSBF website has access to data regarding your visits to our website, including information regarding cookies; we work closely with them to ensure that they keep your data secure.


OFSSBF will not share your personal data with any other third parties unless you give specific consent or unless OFSSBF is legally obliged to share that data (for example to the Police or another enforcement, regulatory or government body).


Contact information for potential or actual donors is shared with the OFSSBF Trustee(s) who need it to correspond with them or to review correspondence received from them.


Rights regarding personal data

Your rights include the right to request:

  • access to the personal data OFSSBF holds about you;

  • confirmation as to the purposes for which OFSSBF uses that data, whether it has been or will be disclosed to any third parties, and for how long OFSSBF will keep it;

  • the correction of your personal data if it is incorrect, out of date or incomplete;

  • that OFSSBF stops using your personal data for any purpose for which you previously gave consent;

  • that OFSSBF destroys any personal data it holds about you (except where OFSSBF has a legal obligation to retain that data for a certain period).


OFSSBF will respond to any such request within 30 days and there will usually be no charge for that response.


You may ask to exercise these rights at any time by writing to OFSSBF at:


If you have any questions about this policy or any complaints about how OFSSBF processes your personal data, please contact us. If you are unhappy with OFSSBF’s response, you may raise your concern with the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Changes to this policy

Any changes to this policy will take effect immediately upon posting to this website.




Requirement for a policy


The Trustees of the OFSSBF take very seriously their responsibility to consider all applications for bursaries objectively and fairly, and to award bursaries to the most deserving applicants, who can clearly demonstrate significant potential to pursue a career in music.


It is vital that the public and any applicants for bursaries can be confident that the Awards Panel’s decisions are free from any improper influence. The Trustees are therefore required to identify and manage any potential conflicts of interest that might impact (or be seen to impact) their decision-making when awarding bursaries.


Potential conflicts of interest


A potential conflict of interest could arise if a Trustee’s personal interests conflict (or could be seen to conflict) with his or her role as a member of the Awards Panel. Examples of potential conflicts of interest are:


  • A student of a Trustee applies for a bursary

  • A close family member of a Trustee applies for a bursary

  • A student of a close family member of a Trustee applies for a bursary

  • A Trustee is offered a payment, gift or other inducement to award a bursary to a particular applicant




In the event of a potential conflict of interest, the relevant Trustee must declare that conflict to the other Trustees before the relevant application is considered.


The conflicted Trustee will not provide any additional information about the relevant applicant, beyond that already stated on the application form. This is to ensure that the relevant applicant is not treated differently from any of the other applicants. (However, this policy does not prevent a Trustee from alerting the Awards Panel if they believe that an application is untrue or misleading in any way.)


The conflicted Trustee will abstain from any vote on whether the relevant applicant should be awarded a bursary.

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